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A recent Zillow survey found that 75 percent of people selling and moving
said it was a stressful experience — so stressful
that it brought them to tears, 5 times or more.

What if you could turn this overwhelming and emotional experience
into a customized, stress-free, and profitable selling process?

organized by andrea helps your clients declutter and organize for their upcoming
move which in turn maximizes the value of their home!

Your client will not only walk away from the sale with the highest possible price,
but you’ve also managed the impossible –
You made the entire experience of selling and moving stress-free!

“Buyers want to find their dream home and it does not include clutter.”

preparing to move

preparing to move

organized by andrea groups clients items into three categories:

keep | toss | donate 

During this process, items that are no longer needed are cleared out.

The items that remain become organized and ready to be moved!

“Dream homes don’t magically happen, they are designed.”

ready to show

organized by andrea uses proven organizing strategies and creative design solutions to help maximize your client’s space to create an environment that is both functional and aesthetic.

These affordable and well thought-out changes create the ideal lifestyle setting that buyers aspire to live in!

“Remember that the reason you are doing this is to make the whole selling and buying process stress-free and profitable.”

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