frequently asked questions

the total cost varies based on the scope and size of each project. please contact me if you have further questions about rates or services. the type of space, current contents, number of people involved, and your decision-making time will determine how long the project will take. in between organizing sessions, i will research products to improve your organization. a payment is due in advance via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or credit card for all services.

i will begin with a virtual organizing assessment. during the assessment, i will ask many questions and virtually walk through your home or office with you to discuss your organizing goals for each space.  you do not need to clean or organize anything prior to my arrival. after the assessment portion, i will devise an action plan for the session, review the client agreement with you, and begin organizing in your home or office.

after the complimentary chat and first virtual organizing session, i will work with you to determine a plan to best organize your space. i will be by your side, virtually, as we sort through items and organize your space. some clients like to be hands on during the process, others like the process to happen when they are out of the space. future in-home and virtual visits are scheduled based upon your needs, and the size and contents of the area that needs organizing.

after your space is organized, maintenance or a follow-up can also be arranged. Learning the skills to maintain an organized space requires time, and often assistance from a professional organizer. I can schedule a follow-up in-home or virtual visit at any time to make sure you’re on task with your organizing goals.

no, i will help you to sort through each item and decide what is needed and the best location for that item so it can be easily accessible.  during the process, some items may be discarded, but that is the client’s final decision.

yes, organizing sessions are offered by appointment monday through saturday.  virtual sessions are scheduled in blocks of time 1 hour or 2 hours (or 4 hour sessions will take place in 2 hour chunks).

yes, I do offer gift certificates of professional organizing services.

at the client’s request, i will assist in selecting a local donation center.

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